Dr. Robin Mello is the Chair of the BA in Theatre Practices degree program and Associate Chair in Theatre at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Her teaching and research focuses extensively on storytelling and its capacity to build community. She is the founder of the UWM K - 12 Theatre Education Program and her recent original theatre work includes Cinderella: The First 30,000 Years, A Cosmic Web, and, Orphan Train, a devised piece about the lived experience of the Orphan Train Movement, 1853-1929, Tale of Scale, a stem project with the Manfred Olson Planetarium that communicates science to the public.

Robin's dynamic approach also influenced The Penelope Project were she contributed as actor, dramaturge, and program evaluator. She details her experience in The Penelope Project: An Arts-Based Odyssey (2016).

Mello's work has been supported by a wide range of grants and cmomisions including: CAMPAC, Ezra J. Keats Foundation, Little Red Schoolhouse Project, The Teachers for a New Era, National Storytelling Network, National Women's Hall of Fame, New England Touring Arts Program, Maine Touring Artists Program, US State Department, Very Special Arts - Americans for the Arts, and the Wisconsin Humanities Council.