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Cosmic Web

2004 - 2006

A play by Robin Mello that addressed the 2004 congressional debate: To defund or continue funding the Hubble Space Telescope. A Cosmic Web was designed as a tool to teach various creative theatre methods (storytelling, puppetry, improvisation, and forum theatre). It was also designed to support theatre students' learning about STEM with an emphasis on astronomy and cosmology.

Conceptualized as a 'play within a play' and set in a mythical planetarium located in a medium sized city in the middle of the USA. Characters embodied the history and current debates in space exploration. A Cosmic Web also supported an artist-residency with the Milwaukee Mask and Puppet Theatre. The production premiered at UWM then toured Milwaukee Area schools and museums. A Cosmic Web was supported, in part, by a Science Education grant from the Wisconsin Space Science Grant Consortium.