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Penelope Project

2009 - 2012

Using the story of Penelope from Homer's Odyssey, the project team of staff, residents, artists, and students engaged an entire long-term care community at Luther Manor. Everyone was welcome. Discussion groups, movement exercises, visual art, stories, and music all emerged from this multi-year project that culminated in the performance of Finding Penelope, a professionally-produced play staged inside the care facility. Dr. Mello was a primary collaborator along with Anne Basting, Beth Meyer-Arnold, and Micheal Rohd. Robins' responsibilities included university instructor, program evaluator, workshop facilitator, and performer in Finding Penelope. The Penelope Project: An Arts-based Odyssey to Change Long-term Care was published in 2016 by University of Iowa Press.

The Penelope Chapters:
Essential Elements
Shaping the Penelope Project
Challenges for Students
The Mythic Lens
What the Research Tells Us